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Carpet cleaning machines – Size does matter


When consumers think about the carpet cleaning machines the first thing that comes to their mind is that is equipment available on rent in local supermarkets. While the machines can be useful most of the times, they can sometimes also cause damage to the carpet if they are not of good quality.

Let us know why size matters when it come to carpet cleaning machines as size makes them different from one another.

The small machines available at your nearest supermarket basically do not have sufficient power or capacity to carry out quality work of cleaning your carpets (steam cleaning). The steam cleaners use hot water which is the tap water and is not hot enough to accomplish the task of quality cleaning and the suction carried out through vacuum wand is inconsistent and weak.

This often results in a situation where in chemicals plus water is left as residues on the carpet. The chemical leftovers itself act like a dirt attractor and if a lot of water is left behind on the carpet mold can occur, which again results in serious issues.

Another type of cleaners is portable carpet cleaners used by commercial companies for cleaning carpets. The most powerful carpet cleaning machines used by some professional carpet cleaners are the truck mount machines.  These machines are large in size and for transportation it needs a van to carry it to the customer’s venue. They are very powerful and sometimes utilize the power of van engine to clean each room. They produce heat on their own to reach maximum temperature for implementing steam cleaning. They have very powerful vacuums, which are capable of taking away most of the water from your carpet and reduce the drying time.

When you think about machines for cleaning your carpet, remember the bigger the size the better.


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