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Features That You Need To Check In Wood Routers

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Features That You Need To Check In Wood Routers

Are you planning to buy the best wood router for your woodworking project? Then you will need to check on some important features which must be present in the wood routers. The features are:

  • Motor: The capacity of the motor is decided by how powerful the motor is. The power is measured based on the number of rotation it makes per minute.  So, the more powerful your motor the more will be the variable speed.


  • Soft start: A basic model of the router must come with a soft-start. This will allow the novice workers to reduce the torque at the beginning of their work and increase it gradually. It can also help in making accurate and precise cuts.


  • Clamp System: A quick clamp system will allow the users to easily change the base according to the requirements of the work. From fixed base to plunge base.


  • Bit-Depth Adjustment: Based on the wood router reviews the ability to adjust the micro-bit depth is important. The precise adjustment can help in improving the quality of the work. It allows you to make 1/64 inch adjustments at a time.


  • Variable Speed: It can help in fixing the speed in the way one wants. Matching the speed with the work you are doing can help in getting the work done in a fine manner.


  • Constant Response Circuitry: This feature helps in keeping the speed level constant and prevents the speed limit to decrease.


  • Soft-Grip Handles: The handles can help in keeping the router under perfect control. The soft-grip handles can help the users conveniently to hold the handles and carry the work easily.


  • Insulation: A wood router should be double insulated which in turn can help in performing the task safely and without any worry.

Most important feature that you must look for in a wood router is that it should come with a rugged carrying case so that you can carry the tool as well as the important accessories very easily.