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The Ultimate Clash Royale Guide for Beginners

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The Ultimate Clash Royale Guide for Beginners

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These Clash Royale guides are perfect for beginners who have started or looking forward to start playing Clash Royale. After its release, the game has gone through a range of changes which have made it better but more difficult to complete challenges at the same time. Here are some tips that beginners might find useful:


Be Wise in Spending the Gold

As you may be aware, gold is an important currency in Clash Royale. It is earned by winning battles and from the daily free chest. The number of battles you win will decide how many chests you will be allowed to unlock. However, while it’s important to update your troop as your progress, you don’t have to update everything. Spend your gold sparingly on items that you plan to use. Save as much as you can for upgrades that you need later. You can take part in tournaments and challenges to earn more gold.

Make Use of Skeleton Attacks

While most of the skeleton troop other than the Giant Skeleton are weak when faced with arrow attacks and die quickly, they can still have some benefits. Skeleton attacks are strategically great for distracting the enemy just before dropping something bigger on them which will do heavy damage. This is a useful one of the Clash Royale guides. You can use early in the game and can lead deadly attacks with the Hog.

Don’t Be the First to Attack

There are many beginners who rush into attacking first early on in the game. This results in getting countered by more seasoned players and may set you back right from the start. Keep the elixir advantage and don’t be tempted to attack first. Wait for the elixir bar to be full before leading an attack.

Lastly, if you have been playing for a week or so, you will get spells and they can be used often.

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