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What Is Steeping E-Juice And How Long Does It Take?

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What Is Steeping E-Juice And How Long Does It Take?

The art of steeping may be compared to a cooking technique where the more you simmer and stir, the better it tastes. This same concept of preserving a fine bourbon or wine till it reaches the zenith of its flavor can be applied to e-juices. Read on if you want to know more about cheap e juice steeping and the benefits of doing so:

What Is Steeping?

The term steeping is generally used in reference to tea or soup. However, to vapers it has a different meaning. In reality, all e-juices being sold in the market are steeped to some extent as a significant period of time must have elapsed between the mixing of the batch and a vaper using it. However, you can get even better flavor if you exercise some amount of patience and let it steep for some time. The extra time will enhance the flavor greatly and make it even richer.

How Long Does It Take?

The exact amount of time that will be needed depends greatly on the flavor in question. It has been seen that while tobacco flavors may require a longer time to reach its peak flavor, fruity flavors take the least amount of time. The more dessert-like and creamier the flavor is, the more time it is likely to take.

It is generally recommended that you steep the e-liquid for a minimum of two weeks. However, some flavors may need more time. You can speed up the process by using warm water or a heat source like a slow cooker or your computer’s fan vent. This will make it taste better than you ever imagined. Vapers can steep their cheap e liquid for as long as needed as there is no real science behind it. However, make sure that you let it steep so that it goes past its expiration date.

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